Dragonfly Africa Celebrate the Conclusion of Seven-Year Shareholder Buyout 

Dragonfly Africa

Dragonfly Africa Group, incorporating Green Route Africa, has announced the successful conclusion of a shareholders’ buyout, marking a significant milestone in the company’s history.

The senior directors of Dragonfly Africa Group have acquired the majority stake held by ex-Chairman, Rupert Jeffries, thus completing a transition that commenced in 2016.

Dragonfly shareholders, Mike WallerBarry SchreiberYolanda WoekeKerry Roos and Johan van Wijk, have been integral members of the group, some as far back as the mid-90s.

“We believe we are quite a young group of owners,” said Waller, CEO of Dragonfly Africa Group. “If not in years, we like to think we are in mindset. Despite three of us five being 50 or younger, collectively, we have over 100 years with the group.”

Dragonfly shareholders (L-R) Mike Waller, Barry Schreiber (back), Yolanda Woeke, Johan van Wijk and Kerry Roos.
Dragonfly shareholders (L-R) Mike Waller, Yolanda Woeke, Johan van Wijk (back), Barry Schreiber and Kerry Roos. (Source: Dragonfly Africa)

He said the transition to new ownership signified a continuation of the company’s legacy while embracing fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to drive future growth and sustainability.

“We owe much gratitude and the success of this transaction to our past chairman, Rupert Jeffries. He facilitated and supported this initiative, allowing us to take the company forward with a new ownership structure. Whilst sadly, Rupert is not with us to celebrate the occasion, he had the satisfaction of seeing his succession nearing completion,” said Waller.

Woeke, VP of Sales and Marketing, highlighted: “To mark the occasion, we are proud to launch our revitalised logo. As one of Rupert’s final wishes, he asked that we review our brand presence, reminding us to always strive for something exciting, fresh and relevant. We think he would have loved it as much as we do.”

Dragonfly Africa

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