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Nothing offers a warm welcome quite like mobile hospitality. It greets visitors with a medley of food and refreshments and offers a tasty experience they simply don’t want to miss. Here at Barmotion, we understand the importance of delegate engagement. At events, we boost brand presence while offering stand visitors an exceptional brand experience they can literally eat and drink.

We help you stand out from the crowd by combining thoughtful branding solutions with great hospitality. We capture visitors’ attention with exquisite flavours and enticing aromas to showcase your brand and get your key messages seen. With our extensive list of bar offerings, we tailor your selection to echo your corporate values and logos, and create exceptional impressions that last far beyond the event. 

All our menu choices are made with your brand and visitors in mind, serving everything from coffee and milkshakes to popcorn and soft serve. Whether guests need a thirst-quenching beverage or a stress-busting snack, we’re here to hit their taste buds with branded hospitality experiences that speak to their appetites and build their interest in your offering.

Barmotion, Welcome
(Source: Barmotion)

We deliver your key messages across as many brandable touch points as possible, from the very first welcome to the final goodbye. As your brand ambassadors, our Rock Stars personalise time with delegates and provide outstanding hospitality services that will have visitors walking away with your brand top of mind and in their hands.

Barmotion offers more than just a branded platform. We offer you the chance to boost your brand awareness, foster deeper connections with your audience and engage in meaningful conversations that all start with ‘Welcome to our mobile bar!’

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