Legacy & Enduring Excellence – 75 Years of Timeless Charm and still Cutting-Edge Conferencing

Protea Hotel by Marriott - Johannesburg Balalaika Sandton

In the heart of Sandton, amidst the bustling financial district of Africa, lies a hub that stood the passage of time and evolving trends – Protea Hotel by Marriott® Johannesburg Balalaika Sandton stands as an enduring testament to excellence and adaptability. As the dawn of each day breaks, this venue awakens to welcome a tapestry of professionals, visionaries, and pioneers, all converging under its roof to shape the future.

From humble origins as an outspan stop on the dusty wagon road between Johannesburg and Pretoria, The Balalaika has witnessed the evolution of its surroundings. As Sandton transformed from farmland to a bustling business district we know today, The Balalaika remained a steadfast beacon of tradition and charm. Its journey from a country-style hotel, a history of dining and elegance to a modern hotel destination integrated into The Marc precinct (previously known as The Village Walk) reflects not just the changing landscape but also its ability to adapt without losing its essence.

Despite the towering presence of corporate headquarters and the relocation of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange nearby, The Balalaika has maintained its unique personality. The rise of the Stock Exchange brought about one notable change: the birth of the Bull Run. This hidden gem quickly became Johannesburg’s best-kept secret, offering a culinary experience second to none, where indulgence knows no bounds.

From its humble beginnings as a tearoom with a handful of rooms, The Balalaika has blossomed into a 330-room stronghold, challenging even the most modern and sophisticated hotels. Over the past three years, they orchestrated a rejuvenating transformation throughout the hotel, infusing every corner with a breath of fresh air.

From revamped bedrooms to revitalized event venues and bars, every space, from the Conservatory Breakfast Room to Lords Bar, now exudes a renewed sense of elegance and comfort. Amidst the storied past, it’s high time to illuminate the dynamic conferencing.

The conferencing and event venues are a well-kept secret, thriving in a market known for hosting some of Africa’s largest conferences. With nine unique conference venues, spanning from boardrooms for up to 16 delegates, to expansive spaces hosting up to 300 attendees or exclusive gala dinners for 220 guests, the venues are poised to exceed every expectation.

Backed by a dedicated banqueting team, ensuring each event is nothing short of exceptional. Discover a range of tailored conferencing and event packages crafted for the most discerning organizers. Benefit from complimentary Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art operating equipment, and a comprehensive array of amenities.

Versatile venues are ideal for breakfast meetings, day conferences, after-conference gatherings, evening events, and any other occasion organisers envision. Indulge in a culinary journey with a variety of menus and snack options designed to delight taste buds. All venues, strategically situated on a central floor, feature pre-assembly areas and renovated bathrooms, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience throughout every event.

Offering a multitude of food & beverage venues to enhance and offer flexibility. The Conservatory Restaurant boasts a fresh and crisp environment that blends with the overlooking garden and terrace. The Bull Run Restaurant stands proud with its life-size brass bull welcoming you to this Old School New York Style Steak House.

Explore heritage Lords Bar and unravel some of the key history facts that went down in the first bar in Sandon. Coffee on Twenty offers coffee and scrumptious deli treats on the go. Experience the exclusive private Destination Lounge. Amidst the exceptional conferencing facilities lies a serene oasis of lush gardens — a captivating countryside retreat nestled within the bustling cityscape.

While the name Balalaika may resonate with nostalgia, it’s time to reimagine it as the ultimate destination for contemporary events and conferences. Let’s bid adieu to outdated perceptions and welcome a new era of innovation. With 75 years of legacy, we’re not just standing still—we’re evolving alongside the dynamic world around us, ensuring we remain at the forefront of change and excellence.

Protea Hotel by Marriott - Johannesburg Balalaika Sandton

Visit: www.balalaika.co.za

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