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Branded bars are the only event service that catches visitors’ eyes and taste buds, boasting fresh beverages, seamless branding, and delicious treats. Mobile bars attract guests by appealing to their need to quench their thirst and boost their energy levels, with the added benefit of displaying your branding and key messages. But, there’s more to mobile hospitality than meets the eye, as these stand-out features are the culmination of meticulous planning and preparation.

At Barmotion, we invest a great deal of thought into every aspect of our service. From selecting the best products and refreshment options that echo your values to creating innovative ways to deliver your key messages, we take the time to tailor our services to your exact brand needs.

With the right offering, your branded bar can speak volumes. By matching your on-stand food and refreshments with the event theme and purpose, we can deliver your key messages in exciting and engaging ways. Whether it’s a barista-prepared coffee to energise the 2 pm graveyard shift or an Espresso Martini to shake up cocktail hour. With creative and innovative thinking, the impact of your chosen menu can change the attitude and behaviour of your audience with every bite and every sip. 

We provide all the promotional tools and techniques needed to create your uniquely branded environment, from coffee stencils with your company logo to branded cups, napkins and everything in between. And nothing beats the very best, fresh produce.

Mobile hospitality is more than just serving food and refreshments from a branded platform. At Barmotion, we keep your brand top of mind for your guests. While it’s the bars that draw them in, it’s the training provided and decades of experience of our team that keep them engaged. Acting as your brand ambassadors, the Barmotion Rock Stars are true performers, exuding the good vibes and energy that make for a fantastic all-round experience. 

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