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Freshness matters! Here at Barmotion, when we’re delivering mobile hospitality services, like coffee and snack bars at exhibitions, freshness is of vital importance. Naturally, we insist on fresh produce for our healthy fruit smoothies, sushi and other snacks and drinks, and source our teas and coffees from suppliers who know the importance of locking in that freshly cured or roasted flavour.

We understand how to appeal to the senses by choosing all the right elements for your exhibition hospitality, finding the freshest ingredients and combining them to draw people onto your stand in a positive frame of mind. Whether you want to offer your visitors stimulation, refreshment or relaxation, (or a combination of all three) we know how to deliver the branded exhibition hospitality you need.

Fresh takes on a few different meanings for us at Barmotion. We’re big on fresh ideas — finding new ways to build on the promise of great hospitality with great branding integration and offering delicious food and drink that echoes your business values, corporate colours, company logo, etc. We’ll use colour, taste, smell, and texture, framed in freshly branded tableware and apparel, to wrap your visitors in a memorable and unique sensory experience.

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When we deliver your turnkey exhibition hospitality solution, one of the things your stand visitors will notice is the welcome they get from our Rock Star baristas. Every welcome our Rock Stars give is as fresh as the first — because they understand that first impressions last.

Treat your brand to a fresh experience in exhibition refreshments with Barmotion! From booking to breakdown, we’re with you every step of the way, sweeping aside obstacles and committed to delivering the freshest, brightest, most exciting drinks and snacks for your stand. Whether you want a straightforward coffee bar or something more adventurous, we’ll take care of everything, leaving you free to devote yourself to your exhibition visitors as they enjoy your hospitality.

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