Barmotion for more variety and choice in 2024

Barmotion, 2024

It’s been a crazy ride, but I think 2023 has shown that the event industry in South Africa is back and bursting with ideas again! New shows, bigger shows, higher occupancy rates — everything we’ve seen this year points to an industry that’s really got its mojo back, ready for 2024

But what of the year ahead? International travel took a beating during the pandemic, and international arrivals worldwide are still only at 66% of their pre-pandemic peak (but rising fast!). This, coupled with South Africa’s popularity as an event destination, means there’s lots of room for growth in the industry next year.

Attitudes are changing fast too, and 2024 will see an acceleration in the number of sustainable and environmental choices available. Our customers are asking more about green alternatives for tableware, packaging and waste management every day, and we’re on a constant quest to find sustainable supplies and solutions. From compostable coffee cups to edible bowls, we’ve already got some amazing products that won’t cost the earth.

It’s not just the planet’s health that businesses will focus on in 2024. I think we’re going to see renewed interest in healthy food and drink, especially for exhibitors seeking refreshments and culinary experiences that are on-brand and resonant with their ethos and values. 

While sweet, indulgent treats like lolly waffles or ice cream are perennially popular, they’re not always the right choice for brands or businesses with wellbeing, healthcare, lifestyle or fitness associations. The booming wellness sector means that event hospitality featuring allergen-free and other free-from foods, as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes, is going to be increasingly in demand.

We offer a richly varied palette of flavours, colours and textures to play with, enabling you to integrate your on-stand refreshments with your brand, using the kind of thinking that goes beyond printing your logo on a compostable coffee cup. 

2024 will see even more variety and choice in the exhibition hospitality sector, with exhibitors and organisers seeking a ‘twist’ to deliver something brand-memorable to their audiences seeking refreshment.

Call us now to discover how we can wrap your brand values around a tailored menu that really speaks to your audience and delivers it with the sense of warmth and togetherness we’re famous for!

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