Building a foundation for success in the events industry

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The events industry is considered to be one of the most challenging, yet also the most satisfying industries to work in. Every event has its own unique objectives that leave a lasting impression on a company and its reputation.

The Olive Convention Centre (OCC) believes that its growth within the events industry is based on the application of its core values, namely; gathering with purpose, personal development and sustainability.

Purpose – Our mission is to provide high quality, convenient and cost-effective product offerings so that MICE organisers feel fully accomplished in achieving their event objectives. We are empowered by our vision to host purpose-driven events that leave a lasting and positive impact on all stakeholders.

People – The hospitality space is people-driven. Having the right mix of staff and suppliers that understand expectations and our core values is crucial in ensuring an event is successfully hosted. At the Olive Convention Centre, emphasis is placed on staff mentorship, training and empowerment to enable people to be more efficient and effective in their collaborative efforts. We prioritise the regular assessment of key service level agreements to ensure performance deliverables are met and quality management is accomplished.

Sustainability – Our view on how we measure success is consistently evolving as growth is not only linked to financial sustainability. The realities of climate change and CSR has placed a responsibility on our industry in ensuring that we take care of our environment and operate with transparency and integrity with all stakeholders when hosting events. We believe in being more than an ordinary business and strive to bring something more to the planet and its people. Being a part of the events industry for over a decade has been a privilege as we have been afforded the opportunity to leave a positive ripple effect on our city.

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