Uncover the Transformation of Gallagher Convention Centre from Farm to Premier Event Venue

Gallagher Convention Centre
(Source: Gallagher Convention Centre)

Gallagher Convention Centre opened its doors for events in 1993. Before this landmark property operated as the business you know today, it was a farm. 

When Gallagher Convention Centre was transformed from the original weekend farm, the changes were made with great respect for the original landscaping. The twenty-seven venues and infrastructure on the property were designed around certain elements that remain part of the estate to this day. 

The Koi Pond at Gallagher Convention Centre and the impressive gardens that are unique to Gallagher are all still part of the original landscaping. 

Honouring the original elements of this property is just another example of Gallagher’s respect for what has stood the test of time.  

Over the last thirty years, Gallagher Convention Centre has fostered a culture of deep respect for experience and dedication. Charles Wilson, CEO, is passionate about staff development. He believes that reinvesting in your team is of great importance to the success of any business. 

“Gallagher’s success and reputation can be attributed to the strength of our team. We are a team of strong operators dedicated to offering a superior service to our clients”, says Wilson. 

Gallagher Convention Centre
(Source: Gallagher Convention Centre)

At Gallagher, the team strives to ensure the success of every event, whether a small boardroom meeting or a large gala event in one of our bigger venues. “At Gallagher, the success is in the details”, says Cordelle Du Preez, GM: Sales & Coordination. 

The details truly matter at Gallagher as we work diligently to offer solutions to our clients to aid them in ensuring the success of their events. Gallagher Convention Centre offer Halaal certified meals at no surcharge to our clients. We have even gone as far as to create an entire off-site catering solution to offer Halaal meals to clients hosting off-site events. GCᵌH conveniently delivers. 

Gallagher also offers full generator backup and a million-litre water tank in the property to assist our clients in the event of infrastructure failures. 

When you keep and build on what is good, you build something that will stand the test of time. At Gallagher, it is important to reinvest in the facilities- like the new digital outdoor signages that our clients benefit from and the upgraded lighting in our halls and in your team- that is why we can boast with our experience that sets us apart from all others. 

We look forward to offering you “Your event, Your way” at special rates and at a 5-star level for many years to come. 

Gallagher Convention Centre

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