A little appreciation is what we all need


As the seasons change and we look ahead to Autumn, it’s an opportune time to host a staff ‘thank you’ event at your office or HQ. Especially over the last 18 months, teams have faced unprecedented challenges since the pandemic. Everyone has shown immense resilience, navigating new technologies and strategies.

The importance of showing people appreciation cannot be overstated. When you recognise people’s achievements and contributions, you foster an environment of positive reinforcement and build a strong company culture that values teamwork, respect, and dedication. People who do not feel appreciated can become disillusioned, dissatisfied and even resentful at work.

By recognising the hard work of your people, and celebrating their success, you can strengthen their sense of belonging and reinforce your commitment to their well-being and success. Bringing people together in celebration to share food and drink is a tried and tested way to forge bonds, strengthen esprit de corps, and make people feel valued and looked after. 

We are emotional creatures, and how we feel is integral to our motivations. True hospitality makes everyone feel good — about themselves, each other and their hosts. That’s why, at Barmotion, we train our Rock Stars to engage everyone with kindness, and bring energy and enjoyment to every event (as well as to make and serve top-quality food and drinks)! Our Rock Stars set the tone with their warmth and enthusiasm, and everyone, from apprentices to managing directors, can enjoy themselves.

And if you want to thank your remote workers with a catered virtual event, then you can do that too! We can curate bespoke hospitality boxes full of exciting food, drink and gifts. We’ll deliver them to your remote teams – to be opened and enjoyed simultaneously during an online event.

Whatever the size of your business, however big or small your team is, and wherever they are — there’s a hospitality solution that will be the perfect ‘thank you’ for everyone – whether it’s a gourmet coffee morning, a satisfying sushi lunch, or an intriguing hospitality box – it will make for a memorable moment of appreciation that everyone can share.