Meeting travellers’ expectations post Covid-19



After a period of intense sensory deprivation and living life through the prism of a laptop screen for two years, people are experiencing a heightened need to renew their contact with the world. As international travel resumes, the hospitality industry is set to shift its mindset and service offerings to meet the changing needs of travellers beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

By Anton Gillis, Kruger Gate Hotel CEO.

Living vicariously through online experiences during the pandemic has led to a more focused approach to travellers’ bucket and wish lists, and the search for unique and personalised experiences. Destinations that were ‘visited’ online are now a reality once again, and tourism operators must be ready to capitalise on the increasing appetite of people to fulfil their lockdown dreams. In South Africa, we are currently reaping the rewards of a number of well-produced and interactive live online safaris and game drives that kept people’s imaginations alive during the toughest periods of the pandemic.

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