EXSA celebrates Global Exhibition Day

By Lee-Ann Alder, EXSA Association Manager.

Seen in Cape Town

On 1 June 2022, EXSA celebrated Global Exhibition Day with an afternoon/evening of fun and laughter. Venues, organisers, fellow associations, members, and industry colleagues came together in both Cape Town and Johannesburg simultaneously.

Participants were divided into teams of between five and ten people, to participate in a mystery box challenge with a twist. Each team had the same ingredients, which were to be used to make a caramel chocolate creation, with the exception of one added ingredient which differed among the teams. This was either chilli spice, paprika, BBQ, etc. The teams had to incorporate the spice into their desserts. The message behind the mystery box challenge illustrated that life throws us curve balls, and how we choose to deal with them is up to us. We could give up, but we have the ability to make a plan, tackle it with enthusiasm and creativity and get it done. At the EXSA function, all attendees tackled the added ingredient challenge with enthusiasm and the tenacity we have seen grow over the past few years.

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