‘Natural Refrigerants’, the theme for this year’s FRIGAIR expo

25 May 2022


Since 1980, FRIGAIR expo has been a leading influence in the heating, energy, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning (HERVAC) industries and this year’s event will carry this forward as the world makes quick moves towards better choices in environmental impacts and the drive to mitigate climate change.

South Africa, as a signee to the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol is legally bound to the forced phasedown of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). HFCs are commonly used alternatives to ozone-depleting substances (ODS) used in the past. While not ozone-depleting substances themselves, HFCs are greenhouse gases which can have very high global warming potentials (GWPs).

Refrigerants play a vital role in society through their use in systems to preserve food and produce ice, they are the critical element to condition space for human comfort, wellbeing or any controlled environment, and, are needed widespread in industrial processes and manufacturing.

According to the phase-down schedule, South Africa has to have reduced the use of HFC’s by 85% by the year 2036. The use of replacement HCFC’s will also be subject to phase-out in the near future.

Natural refrigerants are seen as the most sustainable replacements for all existing options as they are able to reach the temperature requirements of the end user, they meet legislative and legal aspects, meet environmental requirements and are also reasonably priced. These refrigerant solutions are also highly efficient in operation — so essentially tick all the boxes.

As with all refrigerants, natural refrigerants are also subject to concerns around certain safety aspects. With the correct design and mitigation of potential risks these concerns are easy to resolve or avoid. Natural refrigerants, when handled correctly, don’t pose any more danger than older refrigerant choices.

These aspects in natural refrigerants will be covered at FRIGAIR 2022 through the SAIRAC workshops.

By attending the expo, visitors will also gain new knowledge around the technology that has been developed over the past four years since the last FRIGAIR event by engaging with the 100+ exhibitors who will be launching new products, running live demonstrations and presenting their latest technology and innovations.

The success of local events, both conferences and exhibitions, over the last months has proven that people want to get out, engage and get back to normal in terms of doing business — and FRIGAIR is exactly the platform to make that happen for the HERVAC sectors.

The FRIGAIR exhibition is taking place from 1-3 June at the Gallagher Convention Centre, in Midrand, Johannesburg.

This year, for the first time, other relevant exhibitions will be co-located with FRIGAR to extend the visitor experience. They include A-OSH Expo, Securex, Firexpo and Facilities Management.

By registering online to attend FRIGAIR, visitors will also have automatic access to these events (located in a different hall at Gallagher Convention Centre).

For more information and online registration, visit www.frigairexpo.co.za