Meetings Africa 2022 promises to reactivate long awaited business events industry return

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Meetings Africa 2022 promises to re-activate long awaited business events industry return

With over 1,000 meetings already set up on the online diary system, Meetings Africa 2022 is set to remain true to its purpose of bringing together buyers and exhibitors and growing the business events industry on the continent.

Media, tourism and meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) stakeholders gathered at the Southern Sun Waterfront in Cape Town this morning for the Meetings Africa Media Roundtable.

South African Tourism Acting CEO, Themba Khumalo, said that although Meetings Africa 2022 has elements of a hybrid event, much of the physical gathering will go a long way to recapture the spirit that the pan-African trade show is known for. “It will have that human connection and I encourage everyone to be physically present at Meetings Africa. At this time when we are facing adversity, there is a higher human instinct that digs deep and does not allow the barriers to stop us from doing what we need to do.”

He said Meetings Africa provides stakeholders the platform to begin the work of restoring the business events sector to profitability. Let us trade hard on the floor. If we have that attitude we will have the very best Meetings Africa we will ever have because of the spirit in which we do it.”

Meetings Africa the ‘engine room’ for the continent

Amanda Kotze-Nhlapo, the Chief Conventions Bureau Officer of the South African National Conventions Bureau, said that Meetings Africa 2022 will continue to play a central role in furthering business and boosting Africa’s economic development. “It is the engine room of our countries. Meetings Africa has become such an important platform for us to come together again. It might look different, but it is still the platform where Africa comes together and shows its offerings to the world.”

Kotze-Nhlapo said that business events are at its most effective when people are able to meet in person. “We have the problem where corporates are not meeting physically. It is easy to hide behind cameras and pixels. But if you meet virtually, fewer innovative ideas are born. Through physical meetings, we can inspire our buyers.”

Making a return to Meetings Africa will be the Sustainability Village, the Future Leaders Forum, Speed Marketing and plenary discussions on various topics.

The newest addition to the Business Opportunities Networking Day (BONDay) is the MICE Masterclass, which will equip participating entrepreneurs with the tools and skills to confidently reenter the business industry space. Kotze-Nhlapo said that with so many businesses shutting doors in the last two years, the entrepreneurs who remain will form the backbone of the MICE industry. “The masterclass will help existing businesses – and new entrants to the industry – to have real training and upskilling.”

Business events more resilient than before

Kim Roberts, the National Chairperson of the South African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI), said that Meetings Africa’s tag line of Advancing Africa Together is the key to regrowing the continent’s economy. “We have become more resilient and our foundations are that much stronger. People are, once again, willing to participate and explore new ideas. Meetings Africa is the right environment to start those conversations again and encourage people to come back to the continent.”

Roberts said that the MICE industry is set to recover to its former health by 2023. “There is a lot of exciting movement in business. We can craft and create a business events sector that can contribute to the economy.”

Meetings Africa 2022 will take place from 1-2 March at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. The preliminary BONDay is set for 28 February.

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