ATTS – talented local artisans and SMMEs featured at the Sustainability Village

21 September 2021


South African Tourism is continually looking at ways to create market access for SMMEs and to ensure inclusive growth, which is why they are hosting a digital Sustainability Village at Africa’s Travel and Tourism Summit on 20 and 21 September.

The Sustainability Village is a dynamic corporate gifting option for delegates. Instead of the traditional corporate gifts, South African Tourism will give gift vouchers to delegates, allowing them to select and buy their own gifts from the vendors, thus giving business to these crafters.

In line with the hybrid format of the summit, the Sustainability Village will be digital, which will enable easy access for online delegates as well. All crafters will form part of the online platform and delegates attending virtually will be able to use a digital voucher to shop online and the gifts will be sent to the them via courier after the summit.

Featuring talented local artisans and SMMEs, and their handcrafted goods, the Sustainability Village is a continued effort by the organisation to empower small businesses and promote culture and heritage. All of the items sold at the Sustainability Village are made in South Africa and inspired by local culture and traditions. Some are made from recycled materials.

The Sustainability allows delegates to take a piece of Africa with them.

Given the recent insights on traveller trends, sustainability is a big consideration for any traveller when choosing a destination to visit. The Sustainability Village is a great example of showcasing responsible tourism as it has a direct impact on social upliftment.

Some of the vendors showcasing at the Sustainability Village

  1. Gone Rural – Safari Curios

Gone Rural – Safari Curios use traditional skills to produce contemporary Zulu beadwork, including bracelets, earrings and necklaces. They have over 80 women making bead and telephone wire crafts in rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal. Most are the primary breadwinners in their families.

  1. OOH Khamba

Ooh Khamba are curators of artisan handmade arts and craft from the Midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal. They take pride in enabling crafters from this area to make a living using ancient Zulu skills, these range from beautiful fashion to home accessories.

  1. Douglas Design

Douglas Design is a family run business making beaded wirework. The Chapeta family take inspiration from local flora and fauna.

  1. Isimondeni Jewellery

Nomfundo Dlamini, a jewellery designer combines her interest for Zulu traditional bead work with contemporary designs and silver metalwork resulting in unique and beautiful jewellery with African flair.

  1. Polka.Dot.Coco

Two sisters inspired by fashion and Africanism. Nelly and Zee handcraft all of their products in Umzinto, South of Durban. They take everyday fashion items like ties and bowties and add an African twist to them.

  1. Nyathi Arts Creations

Nyathi Arts Creations is a ceramic studio which creates distinctly African pieces from clay. It is an export ready ceramics manufacturing company, founded by Leonard Nyathi and based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Products are all handmade and painted and include pots, cups, vases, plates, platters, ceramic garlic graters and wine cooler holders; the studio also takes on bespoke item orders upon request.

  1. Marabou Essential

Marabou Essentials is a passion-fuelled brand of accessories that connects the authenticity of traditional African aesthetics with a modern urban culture and an artistic flair. It is a special craft; think wearable art. It celebrates the freedom for individuality as well as the artistry in fashion. The accessories are inspired by the African aesthetic- the prominence of daring colours, the distinctiveness of bold prints and the inventiveness of intricate patterns. The designs are influenced by clean lines, bold shapes and elegant curves.

  1. Nubian Nature

Nubian Nature was founded by Shereen Makhanye in 2013 from realising the difficulty in sourcing locally made products that were specifically made to gently care for African hair.

The company has since expanded its product range to include bath and body products and male grooming products.

  1. African Mamas

African Mamas founded by Nomaswazi Tinus offers a stunning selection of handmade, beaded accessories, home décor products and corporate gifts made from high-quality glass beads and upcycled materials to consumers and corporates

  1. Tshinga Trading Enterprise 

Tshinga Trading Enterprise founded by Vuyo Mavuso specialises in Afrocentric Handmade bags, accessories, clothing, sandals and a variety of neckpieces using buttons, fabric and nylon thread.

Click Here to view video highlights from Sustainability Village in Sandton Convention Centre, Sandton.