The Ticketpro Dome: Ripping up the rule book

Ticketpro Dome’s Hybrid Studio
Ticketpro Dome’s Hybrid Studio

“None of us thought lockdown would last as long as it has,” said Cynthia Penprase, Portfolio Director, Ticketpro Dome. “When we learned more about Covid-19 and the ongoing need to flatten the curve, The Ticketpro Dome team knew we had to rip up the old rulebook.”

Ms Penprase said that by September 2020, the search for a virtual solution was on – companies of all sizes had already implemented digital meetings and shifted the way the world had to work, so a virtual option was what the events and exhibitions industries could meet their clients with.

“One of the most valuable solutions we developed is The Ticketpro Dome’s Hybrid Studio, a combination of a live and virtual digital platform,” Ms Penprase said. “This is our answer to putting people back in business, using a virtual or live streaming platform to ensure that businesses may still connect with clients and shareholders as well as host events, exhibitions and corporate occasions such as launches.”

How the Hybrid Studio opens global doors

Noting that the live events industry was crippled by the pandemic, The Ticketpro Dome had to continue to serve its clients and the many attendees who made annual exhibitions such a success. “Businesses around the globe had to adapt with great speed,” she said. “Those who have made it through this far are the organisations that implemented digital solutions rapidly.

“In our sector, numbers count and our Hybrid Studio had to provide solutions across the board to meet specific requirements.”

For entertainers, Ms Penprase said, the Ticketpro Dome enables revenue generation through live-streaming and recording shows for fans worldwide to watch by buying tickets through our e-commerce facilities.

“Events and exhibition managers are able to create a digital version of their events, while still providing their clients with engagement opportunities for sales or discussions. For corporates, global conferences, board meetings and product launches are taken to their sector, no matter where they are.”

In ripping up the rule book, Ms Penprase said that the Ticketpro Dome’s status as the number one venue of choice for events in Gauteng not only remains intact, but offers a huge variety of new options.

“We have pricing adapted to suit digital requirements, and budgets both large and small. The Ticketpro Dome remains committed to putting you back in business.”