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Rand Show: SANDF’s action-packed programme announced

SANDF Rand Show

The Rand Show gives South African families a rare opportunity to interact with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Nowhere else can you observe the different divisions in action, and see what equipment and hardware they use. To do this, SANDF has prepared a mix of thrilling live demonstrations and drills, as well as static exhibits for the public to experience.

There will be four SANDF features at the Rand Show:

The Capability Demonstration

The Capability Demonstration will take place at the Main Arena, at 11:30 each day* during the Easter weekend only (Friday 30 March – Monday 2 April 2018).

This 45 minute display of battle simulations will take place both on the ground and high up in the air. Watch fighter jets and helicopters thunder past, showing off their vehicles combat manoeuvres, while armoured tankers reveal their immense power and strength. It’s one of the annual highlights of the Rand Show, and visitors are urged not to miss it.

Visitors are urged to hold on to their hats for this event – not just because it promises to be an exhilarating experience, but also for safety reasons. The choppers used will create a huge downdraft, which could cause hats and other loose items to fly away if not securely stored!

The SANDF Arena Programme

The SANDF Arena Programme will take place at the Main Arena, at 15:00 each day* during the Easter weekend only (Friday 30 March – Monday 2 April 2018).

The pride of the SANDF’s drill teams will be on display for the Arena Programme, which includes drills and demonstrations by the South African Army, South African Navy and Military Police, as well as the 44 Parachute Regiment (the South African Army’s chief airborne infantry unit) and the SA Army Specialist Infantry Capability (SAASIC) – who will be incorporating their canine, equestrian and motorbike training into the drills.

The action-packed line-up includes the following:

  • Pace Stick Drill / Artillery Drill Squad
  • Bridge Laying Demonstration (SA Army)
  • SAASIC Mock Attach (SA Army)
  • Officers Sword Drill / NCOs Precision Drill (SA Navy)
  • Gun Run (SA Navy)
  • Military Police Demo
  • Free Fall (SA Army & SA Air Force)
  • Air Display (SA Air Force)

*Please note that, for important safety reasons, the SANDF programme could change based on weather conditions or SANDF’s operational requirements.


The static display

You can explore SANDF’s static display for the full duration of the Rand Show (Friday 30 March – Sunday 8 April 2018), at Terrace 1 and Terrace 2, co-located next to the Main Arena.

The SANDF static display is spread across a huge outdoor display and two indoor displays, and takes up an impressive 12 000 square metres. The outdoor display will boast a huge array of military apparatus on a scale that you will not see at any other public event. On show will be a variety of boats, tanks, helicopters, trucks and construction equipment, and much more.

The indoor display will house different types of weapons, such as the AK47 and Uzi, a 60mm long range mortar, a torpedo and grenade launchers, as well as naval equipment like mine counter measures and under water surveillance tools.

SANDF careers exhibition stands

SANDF careers exhibition stand will be located in Hall 10B, running for all ten days of the Rand Show (Friday 30 March – Sunday 8 April 2018).

Do you dream of serving your country one day? There are amazing career opportunities with SANDF, and you can learn all about them at the Rand Show. Visit the SANDF careers exhibit and speak to SANDF personnel to get first-hand insights into life in the defence force, how to apply, and what opportunities there could be for you in the different divisions.

Hero’s Quest

The Hero’s Quest is a fun activity designed for children to have an interaction with the SANDF Exhibition at the RANDSHOW. This is to enhance a practical experience of a life in the military and to educate the children about the roles and responsibilities of the SANDF. This year we invite families to form teams and participate.

Teams will begin at the starting point with a clue card, score sheet and a map to which they are supposed to navigate and find various checkpoints within the quest route. Each team will be allocated a Chaperon from the SANDF to help them on the route. At each checkpoint, teams will be met by friendly communicators who will show/teach the family something about their Service/Division.

Each family that completes the quest will be awarded with a certificate. There is a limit of a 100 entries per day. Registration will take place every morning between 10:00 – 11:00 on the Easter Weekend Only at the Hero’s Quest starting point near the Main Arena.

Your entry ticket to the Rand Show will allow you to take advantage of all of the SANDF events and exhibits at no additional cost. Make sure you get to the live events early to get a seat, as these are hugely popular.

The Rand Show will be held at the Johannesburg Expo Centre at Nasrec. For more information, visit www.therandshow.co.za

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