Anti-poaching comes to life at Askari Game Lodge

In order to curb further attacks on Askari Game Lodge & Spa's rhinos, the rhino horns have been infused with indelible dye and a toxic compound.

In celebration of the world wide anti-Rhino poaching drive, Askari Game Lodge & Spa in Magaliesburg is introducing Anti-poaching teambuilding activities at its Big 5 lodge.

To Serve and Protect … Anti-Poaching Unit is designed to test a team’s ability to rise above overwhelming situations. The teams learn how to look at overpowering situations and then break them down into simpler parts, thereby creating order and structure. All this while immersed in the beauty and splendour of Africa and her diverse wildlife.

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Elephants in Main Street’s Anti-Poaching Unit teambuilding intervention is the ultimate thrill-seeking experience for those who love being out in the bush and for those who can’t resist a good mystery. Track, forage for clues and piece the puzzle together. Adding to the excitement, this teambuilding activity takes the group out on a game drive vehicle into the bush, where they interact with the wildlife around them.

This teambuilding activity brings the reality of poaching to the fore, while subtly testing the group’s ability to share information and to focus on detail while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Alf Tlomatsana, senior facilitator at Elephants on Main, shares the process. “The delegates disembark from their game drive vehicles and proceed on foot through the bush, following small clues and blood trails to the Poaching Scene. They have limited time to solve the crime.

“Firstly they will observe the scene where the rhino fell and make appropriate notes,” Mr Tlomatsana continues. “They need to follow forensic procedure to collect evidence. Perhaps they will discover more tracks leading to poacher camps, where more evidence could be found. During all the procedures, the main laboratory would have certain findings from real rhino DNA, ballistics and other tell-tale clues.”

Other safari style teambuilding activities which can be enjoyed at Askari Game Lodge include Senses of Safari and Mission Elephant. These teambuilding activities can be combined with Askari Lodges Sunday night, 2 day conference special or with the exciting Year End party options.

Southern Africa is home to the last remaining populations of white and black rhino, the only two species out of the five remaining in the world that have a fighting chance of survival. It is estimated that South Africa is home to 18 700 white rhino and only 1 900 black rhino (2010 statistics).

According to the rhino poaching statistics issued by the Department of Environment Affairs, the latest statistics for end 2012 indicate that the number of rhinos poached in South Africa now stands at 668 for 2012. If this trend continues, we could be looking at the extermination of South Africa’s white and black rhino populations in as little as 15 years, and the complete extinction of these two species in under 40 years.