Take a Girl Child to Work Day

Take a girl child to work day
Take a girl child to work day

The National Empowerment Fund partners with the Durban ICC to invest in learners at this year’s “Take a Girl Child to Work Day.”

The “Take a Girl Child to Work Day” initiative is an annual corporate social investment undertaking, held in South Africa since 2003. Companies involved would typically organise for female learners (school pupils), usually from disadvantaged backgrounds, to spend the day at the workplace. The objective of the campaign is to give the learners the opportunity to visit a place of work and experience first-hand, the “world of work” and various career opportunities available in the industry and within the public and private sectors.

This year the Durban ICC partnered with the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) to host 50 female learners from various areas within KwaZulu-Natal for the 2016 initiative. The day offered a full programme of talks and activities aimed at “deepening the thinking of the girl child with regard to their infinite roles in society, enhancing their self-esteem, inspiring and motivating them to reach their full potential and through exposure to diverse careers and positive role models assist them in preparing for the world of work”. Additionally, the impact of the day will be far-reaching, as the learners typically share their learnings with their family and broader social community.

The programme included a networking breakfast and motivational talks by some of the most influential women in the industry, this was then followed by a tour of the Durban ICC, and a delicious lunch at the Moses Mabhida Stadium before ending the day with a live interview on a popular radio station.

The important message aimed at the girl learners is that “If they can conceive it and believe it, they can achieve it.” Commenting on the initiative, Durban ICC chief executive officer, Lindiwe Rakharebe noted: “We all come into this world bearing different gifts, whether we are men or women.  The paramount gift is a gift of purpose in one’s life.  I would encourage all these young girls to find their unique purpose and live it out.”