Sun City introduces more thrills for Adrenalin Junkies

Sun City
Sun City

The spectacular array of thrilling activities at Sun City for teenagers and adventure seekers has been bolstered with the launch of an adventure hub, Adrenalin Extreme. There, a host of heart-pounding, adrenalin-pumping outdoor activities, never before offered at Sun City, are within the grasp of the resort’s thrill seeking visitors.

Adventurers can go wild, delving into activities like Drift Trikes, Hovercrafts, The Accelerator and quad 4×4 challenge. Open in time for the up-coming school holidays when Sun City welcomes thousands to the resort for its annual Spring Celebration, Adrenalin Extreme offers an extraordinary diversion for anyone keen to try something new.

“Sun City is continuously diversifying its compliment of entertainment and activities in its pursuit to create experiences that ensure lasting memories for guests. South Africans and international tourists have a growing appetite of outdoor adventure. Sun City offers a great selection of outdoor adventure activities, from adrenalin-inducing slides at the Valley of Waves and jet skiing and water-skiing at Sun City Waterworld, to the new adventurous activities at Adrenalin Extreme,” says Mike van Vuuren, Managing Executive of Sun City.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the Adrenalin Extreme offering is the Accelerator. This is a high impact activity similar to bungee jumping. The adventurer is strapped into a safety harness and attached to two bungee cords. The cords are fixed to the top of two long poles, like a giant catapult. To strain the cords, the person is driven away from the cords on the back of a quad bike. When reaching a final position, the person is then released. The result is a safe yet exciting catapulting action between the poles.

The Drift Trikes are three wheeled go-kart like trikes powered by a small engine. Smooth PVC lining on the back wheels ensure a fast, heart-stopping drifting experience. Tyre boundaries will smoothly stop the driver in case of an over-steer, and the vehicle design will ensure that it does not capsize. A ride on a Drift Trike at Sun City is a safe experience that comes with a healthy dose of adrenaline.

On the Hovercrafts, thrill seekers navigate a fast track that allows them to experience the hovercraft’s unique driving characteristics. Proper instruction before driving and soft barriers at strategic positions ensures a safe yet highly exciting and adrenaline filled experience.

On the 4×4 Quad Circuit, fun seekers get to drive a quad bike on their own through a set course of 4×4 type challenges. The challenges are similar to those offered at 4×4 events or demonstrations and include the Twister, Tyre Mountain and a See-Saw challenge amongst others.

For more information or to book an activity, contact Adrenalin Extreme on 079 874 8226 or email [email protected]
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