NFS Technology SA proudly partners with The Inside Edge

The Inside Edge
The Inside Edge

Forging long-term successful client relationships is vital to any company worth its salt and NFS Technology South Africa is proudly partnering with The Inside Edge, which was launched 20 years ago, having gone from strength to strength as a destination management company.

The team at The Inside Edge engage in multiple activities.

Described by the NFS team as a consummate professional, inspirational leader and gracious host, Bradley Glenn, managing director of The Inside Edge, voiced his views on his company utilising etouches, supplied by NFS:

“People and relationships play a major role in the success of businesses globally and we found the flexibility and generosity of the NFS team a big factor from the outset. We now have more control of the operating system, whilst the added value of paying for the use of etouches in rands addresses our need to forecast accurately as well as implement the latest technology.

“Our team finds etouches extremely user-friendly and remarkably easy to grasp. In fact, we are already seeing positive results.

“As we are in the early stages of implementing the technology, we have found a few teething problems, none of which can’t be overcome by working together to resolve them. Already NFS is working so closely with our team, they are going to fix and sort obstacles we experience with the developers of etouches to ensure all operations are streamlined.

“This new web-based solution makes for instant, open communications across all of South Africa, ensuring transparency and instant results.”

When asked how etouches compared to the old way of doing things, Brad states: “The old system was time-consuming and I had to actually visit all the major centres of southern Africa in which we operate to ensure all was going according to plan, while it did not offer the instant sharing capabilities of etouches – in short it was cumbersome in some respects. I now have more time to focus on client relations while the web-based system handles business as usual.”

Brad attended a workshop on etouches hosted by NFS in August 2015, where he decided to put this new technology to the test.

etouches is a leader in cloud event management software. Founded in 2008, the event management technology company has more than 1 000 customers in 35 countries. Covering every major function in the event planning lifecycle, the multi-lingual and multi-currency software has 15 modules for registration, budgeting, surveying, mobile app and more. Headquartered in the United States, the company has four wholly-owned subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia and the United Arab Emirates – distributed by NFS in Africa.