Up in the Cloud


Rendezvous Cloud (Software as a Service) has become the preferred software suite for events, meetings and conference venues wishing to streamline the entire process, from bookings to catering and billing, allowing event organizers and venues to simply get on with the business of planning events, immaterial of size.

The NFS Technology Group (NFS) recently announced the expansion of its software solutions set and support as well as training services in South Africa. The solution set now includes Rendezvous Cloud. This is deployed by NFS as a fully managed on demand hosted solution, which is also known as cloud computing.

Says Jeana Turner, NFS National Sales Manager in South Africa for the Rendezvous solution: “Rendezvous Cloud has proved its worth with big and small events and conference facilities internationally. As South Africa is fast becoming a major conference destination, Rendezvous Cloud is now available to meeting venues in the region. Rendezvous Cloud is deployed over the internet as a service on demand and all you require to run it is a PC with broadband access as no software is installed on site.”

Rendezvous Cloud is a well proven International solution, the benefits being cost and speed of deployment. The experience of International clients using the Rendezvous Cloud solution suggests many benefits. Here is what a major new London venue, the Siemens Crystal (www.thecrystal.org), had to say.

“We chose Rendezvous because of its flexibility, simplicity and its friendly interface,” says Josh. “The solution provides a transparent diary system so all users have access to the latest availability. The Events Team at The Siemens Crystal now have more time to focus on customer service as some of the internal users can book their own meetings and equipment.“

“Producing weekly reports for internal departments, as well as generating invoices after an event have now also become tasks that take a fraction of the time that they used to before we installed Rendezvous.“

In brief, these are some of the benefits of utilizing Rendezvous Cloud:

Users pay only for the service required, with a low monthly charge per active use; users’ data is backed up, clients always have the latest software release; events are handled more efficiently, saving time, money and resources; business is generated more easily, leading to higher profits; comprehensive management information is available leading to better business decisions, thereby increasing revenue, service levels and the bottom line.

Rendezvous Cloud provides:

Advanced calendar management with instant room and food service availability; complete customer database with client purchasing history, which is ideal for marketing; all event documents such as Banquet Event Orders, contracts and deposit requests produced automatically; powerful menu and package handling to facilitate easy conference booking for staff; excellent management reports to cover client revenue production, room usage statistics, revenue forecasts, and a host of event planning reports.

Says Luis Da Souza, Chief Executive of NFS: “We are well-established as the provider of choice for venue and events software to the hospitality, corporate and events management sectors in South Africa, Africa and internationally. To ensure our fast-expanding customer base in South Africa is well supported with the Rendezvous software suite, we have increased our technical and support team to meet existing and new client demands, on a 24/7 basis.

”This support is further complemented through up-to-date training for the South African hospitality, venue and events management professionals utilizing our software.”

A recent case study of Rendezvous from CSIR, a long standing user of the Rendezvous software in South Africa, is available for perusal, offering first-hand current information on the benefits of utilizing the suite.