More choice, larger meals and improved service for economy customers


Qantas customers travelling in Economy are now enjoying a new inflight dining offering that has re-defined their travel experience on flights between Johannesburg and Australia.

Launched on 1 March on Qantas’ Johannesburg flights, the new experience allows customers to enjoy a wider choice of meals, fifty per cent larger servings and faster service. Qantas Head of International Customer Experience & Creative Development, Kylie Morris, said the dining experience had set a new standard for the five million Economy customers travelling on the airline’s international network each year.

“We believe we are now offering the best inflight Economy dining experience of any international carrier. Since we launched the new experience, customer satisfaction levels have increased month on month, which speaks volumes,” said Ms Morris. “Not only does the new experience mean larger meals and more meal choices; removing the need for trays, means our cabin crew are able to serve and clear meals up to 30 minutes faster giving them more time to interact and assist passengers.

“In delivering the new service Qantas engages with local suppliers in each region to source the freshest produce and deliver a range of diverse dishes inspired by the destination,” said Ms Morris. The new menu offers larger meals, an increase from two to four meal options and faster service. There are also new meal categories, including a healthy option, comfort food and a meal inspired by the region, such as a North African Beef Stew on Johannesburg flights.

Shortly after take-off passengers are served a welcome drink from Australian cordial supplier Bickford’s signature range, featuring flavours exclusive to Qantas such as Blueberry and Pomegrante. Snacks throughout the flight include fresh fruit, ice-cream and Maltesers, and prior to arrival, customers are offered a selection of Breakfast options. Economy passengers can also pre-order their meal online with access to an exclusive dish, via the Select on Q Eat service.

A team of Qantas food and beverage experts spent 12 months researching and developing the new menu and service, speaking with customers, visiting local producers and suppliers and researching food and dining trends. Trials were run on a number of international flights and customer satisfaction on those flights almost doubled, hitting record highs. Select on Q-Eat is available on flights departing Australia, and will be introduced progressively on inbound flights from Johannesburg to Sydney in coming months.

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