Greyville to play host to Durban’s largest motor show

Greyville Exhibition and Events Company
Greyville Exhibition and Events Company

It was announced today by the Greyville Exhibition and Events Company based at Greyville Race Course in Durban that it will host Durban’s largest and most interactive Motor Show at the Greyville Racecourse on 11-12 April 2015.

The Greyville Motor show will not only be playing host to the leading land and water motor vehicle brands in Southern Africa but will also offer the opportunity for private vehicle owners to display their own “pimped up” vehicles in various classification’s with thousands of rands to be won in the various categories. In addition to this there will be unique vehicle displays in the Motor show circus style arena and a display of some of the most exotic sports cars in Southern Africa.

Alan Vels, executive director of the events company, said: “We want to do something novel, unique and interactive for Durban whilst allowing the general public to be part of the event and for people to experience the wealth of opportunity the Greyville Exhibition and events complex offers. We will have national and international exposure of the event as it will be a first for Durban and will include many large motor companies and private individuals”.

Individuals and motor companies will be able to participate by reserving a space for the exhibits and have the opportunity of selecting from an array of competitions during the weekend show.