The Table Bay sends out a call to SOS

Table Bay Hotel
Table Bay Hotel

Recognising that no effort to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions can be effective if the people on the ground aren’t committed to optimising efficiency, The Table Bay has introduced a lively campaign to encourage its staff to adopt electricity-wise ways in everything they do.

The campaign, Switch Off Something (SOS), forms part of the hotel’s ongoing programme to optimise the energy and resource efficiency of its operations. Over the past few years, The Table Bay has invested in energy-saving technologies such as energy efficient lighting and heat pumps.

However, general manager Sherwin Banda believes employees have an important role to play in ensuring the hotel achieves its energy saving targets.

“A substantial amount of energy can be saved purely through behavioural change. We want to inculcate a culture of energy-saving among our people and encourage them to adopt energy-wise ways of working which they can also use at home to reduce their own consumption and costs,” he explains.

The SOS campaign will kick off in January 2015 and comprise posters, stickers and newsletters to educate employees on how, when and where they can save power. To garner support and encourage participation, there will be a competition component to the campaign which offers employees a chance to win cash and other prizes for supporting the campaign.

“Collaboratively, even the smallest tactics, like switching off lights in unoccupied rooms and turning-off appliances when they are not being used can elicit welcome savings. Yet, people are somewhat oblivious to the opportunities for saving electricity that exist in everyday activities. We hope to get our people excited about saving energy by showing them how easy it can be. We want to empower them with knowledge and inspire them to change,” concludes Mr Banda.