SAACI appoints new public officer

Denise Kemp
Denise Kemp

Denise Kemp, of Eastern Sun Events has been appointed as the new public officer of the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI).

She succeeds Godfrey King, who has stepped down from the position after 13 years.

Ms Kemp, a previous national chairperson of SAACI and winner of the Association’s 2014 fellowship award, said she is truly honoured by this appointment.  “I look forward to being pro-actively involved in SAACI again and to making a contribution to its management.”

SAACI’s public officer has a permanent seat on the board and serves on the executive committee with the chief executive officer, chairperson, vice-chairperson and treasurer.  He/she does not have any voting rights but is there to guide, caution and advise the board.

The public officer announces the Annual General Meeting and items for voting and oversees the meeting process.  He/she is also the custodian of the Memorandum on Incorporation.

Zelda Coetzee, national chairperson of SAACI, said Ms Kemp, who entered the Association’s Hall of Honour this year, is an industry stalwart and her experience in and knowledge of SAACI makes her the most suitable person for the position.  “We look forward to working with Denise and to having her input and guidance.”

Ms Kemp will take up her responsibilities as public officer on 1 January 2015.