IML expands with the launch of ‘Join In’ solutions

Danie Greyling
Danie Greyling

THE recent combination of audience insight specialists IML and Lumi Mobile has developed Join In – a new live and self-paced mobile dimension to IML’s innovative and interactive product suite.

Mobile is a natural extension of IML’s 25 year mission to make events engaging and interactive. Based on Lumi Mobile’s patented, real-time Lumi Live platform, Join In ensures absolute real time response, scalability and reliability.  Audiences are able to use Join In on their smartphones or mobile devices and can be accessed at any time and from any place.
Join In comprises two distinct solutions: Join In Live and Join In Sight. Join In Live is immediacy of real time interaction and Join In Sight is a self-paced native app which creates opportunities for valuable insight.

Join In Live promotes meaningful engagement through either a native app or browser-enabled device, enabling you to manage all of the interactive elements inside and outside of the meeting room. Featuring intelligent instant polling, multi-mode attendee messaging, content management and note-taking, Join In Live caters to both large ‘produced’ events as well as smaller, everyday meetings.

Join In Live presents a powerful opportunity for stakeholders to capture the rich content generated at any meeting or event. It also provides clients with real-time data insights, while users are given a highly interactive and engaging experience combined with event information such as agendas and floor plans – all easily accessible and on-demand.

Join In Sight offers users a communication platform to submit opinions, thoughts and comments. Requiring no internet connectivity, engagement and learning can take place anywhere and at any time, not just in the meeting room. Join In Sight features GPS location and validation, multimedia capture, content dissemination, barcode scanning and advanced tracking both at your event and beyond. Typical examples of use include training programmes, testing and certification, research, workshops, breakout sessions, exhibitions and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

Commenting on IML’s expansion of products, Danie Greyling, managing director of IML South Africa said: “IML’s roll out of Join In recognises that the event technology space is well served by the mobile device everyone already has in their pocket. It cuts out the logistical challenges and cost of bringing proprietary systems and technicians to meetings. Problems with usability, scale and speed have held back the progress of mobile, but Join In provides two-way real time interaction, rather than just a one-way information push. That’s what makes engaging and productive meetings, and IML is now uniquely equipped to do this efficiently.”