Three Cities Riverside Hotel & Spa gets a make-over

Riverside Hotel & Spa
Riverside Hotel & Spa

ONE of Durban’s foremost and leading hotels Three Cities Riverside Hotel & Spa has been rejuvenated and revived with a fresh contemporary timeless appeal, after the 15 year old Hotel began the July 16, 2013 public area and two mock-up room refurbishments.

Located high on the banks of the Umgeni River, the four-star Three Cities Riverside Hotel & Spa underwent its very first major renovation after a soft refurbishment implemented five years ago when the hotel changed the carpets and colour schemes in the 169 rooms. The conference centre was renovated at the beginning of this year when major change was made to the entrance and basic aesthetics of the venue including carpeting; lighting; painting and touch-ups.

Jerod Flaum, general manager of Three Cities Riverside Hotel & Spa, said: “The areas that came under the hammer during the mock-up refurbishments were the port cochere; the 24 hour reception area and lobby entrance; the general manager and executive manager’s offices; the passages to the rooms; a 35sqm deluxe single room and a 47sqm standard double suite. The external building has also been repainted white and the guttering renewed.
We expected a six week turn-around time on the mock-ups for display. Once this is ready, the trustees of the sectional title hotel will be required to approve the mock-ups. The balance of the 167 rooms will then be completed during an 11 month project.”

“We are extremely excited and looking forward to a remarkable difference. From a standards perspective, the hotel was beginning to lack because of the greyness in the aesthetics. The grading criteria had surpassed our ability to modernise, but with the new look and feel, it will surely maintain our four-star level.”

Mr Flaum added that for many of the hotel’s corporate clients who constitute 30 per cent of the hotel’s room occupancy, it was “a home away from home” and now the hotel rooms would be better equipped and appropriately fitted to provide better technological service to their business clientele.

During the final refurbishments of the remaining 167 rooms, Mr Flaum said at no stage will the hotel shut down. Rather 18 rooms at a time will shut down for a six week period. Once the first 18 rooms are complete, they will come back into circulation as the next 18 rooms close to go under renovations.