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Beyond Teambuilding

GIVING is the cornerstone of our life’s journey and giving back to the community has become an important aspect of teambuilding. Most corporates today are looking to make a difference to the markets they serve, but today’s economic climate has made them more cautious of where they put their money.

Over the years Beyond Teambuilding has identified a number of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) teambuilding programmes to assist corporates.

Lisa Hood, from Beyond Teambuilding, said all our CSI teambuilding programmes have been tried and tested. “All the CSI programmes we run have been validated and can be incorporated into a teambuilding activity.”

“This ensures the corporate not only has the opportunity to make a difference, but the dynamics of their team are improved and unified, by the team participation in the project.  It’s a win, win situation for our clients,” Ms Hood said.

Some of our CSI projects to date are:
Back to Basics – school projects involving stocking libraries, clinics, sports facilities and improving class conditions.
Corporate meets Community – involves the renovations, building, gardening or education within a community.
Rhino Capture – an incredible journey into the wild to microchip a Rhino and help protect the endangered species against poaching.
Meals on wheels – Joint venture with this organisation helps renovate old age homes, orphanages and schools.
Puppy & Kitty Haven – joint venture with this small sanctuary, assisting them with renovating and building on their premises to help abandoned dogs and cats.

Ms Hood added: “As a teambuilding consultant, I have learned one very important rule of thumb: “In life, you will only be remembered positively for what you gave, never for what you took! “

“The commitment you make as an organisation starts with being prepared to give and deciding what to give. The monetary side is usually the easiest but the human capital commitment is a little more difficult. We find that to really make a difference you need to adopt a program and give it more than just a “one hit wonder effort”. The rewards for the team are huge when you can relate to something that actually changes people’s lives.

“In conclusion, most of our work is focussed on helping an organisation build their brand by enhancing their reputation in the market place or shifting or improving the dynamics of their organisation,” she said.