GL events Oasys and Telkom

IN the exhibitions and events industry, any assignment, no matter its size, is considered a project with various activities to follow in strategic order.

The Telkom programme of delivering their service offering to the public at large serves as one example. With much project management experience under his belt, Anton Viljoen,  found himself at the heart of the Telkom project, one of the largest integrated turnkey assignments awarded to GL events Oasys. The scope of the project underscores the diversity of the company as a service provider and includes the revamping of 110 existing Telkom Directory Services Stores (TDS) and to build two Super Stores based in malls.

Mr Viljoen said that, after the company received the order from TFMC Total Facilities Management Company that oversees and manages more than 3000 Telkom sites, the first priority was to set up a centralised professional project office at the company’s head office in Robertsham, Johannesburg. “The team was hand-picked according to set criteria of knowledge, and experience in the management and execution of major projects. These people have specialised skills and include national and regional project managers and administrators, shop fitters, suppliers of printing and signage collateral, specialised furniture supplies, audio visual experts, marketing personnel who can rigidly follow specific corporate identity guidelines, space planners and architects.”

“Time management is crucial to any project and until mid-2014 we have to deliver on the entire project. As a supplier of telecommunications technology, The Telkom Super Stores will feature the latest technology available to showcase the expansive offerings from the company and to create a consumer-friendly environment and to facilitate for businesses to interact and engage with the numerous technology offerings. It is essential for the project management team to understand the vision intrinsic to the Telkom strategy for this project. The team therefore attended various workshops in this regard and is undivided in its quest to deliver on all the aspects of the project,” Mr Viljoen said.

Telkom’s focus is to introduce convergence of technologies and services to consumers and corporate business. The convergence strategy includes fixed line, data and mobile applications and how these will add value to the user or commercial and industrial entities.

A noteworthy milestone to date is the completion and official opening of three revamped Telkom Directory Services Stores in Johannesburg at Centurion Mall, Durban at Gateway Mall, and Cape Town at Cape Gate. These three store are a perfect representation of the what is at the heart and soul of the project- innovation, integration and Ease of Use

Mr Viljoen concluded: “A key aspect to project management is financial control and being responsible for the entire team, GL events Oasys in conjunction with TFMC will ensure that all milestones and deliverables are met in terms of budget and scope, to ensure that the project is concluded within the given delivery timeline.”

Project activations
• Current store demolishing.
• Storage of existing store components and equipment.
• Wet-work (building alterations).
• Electrical installations.
• Furniture installations.
• Shop-fitting.
• Tiling work.
• Air-conditioning installations.
• Sprinkler installations.
• Fire detection and security Installations.
• Graphics and signage installations.
• Audio visual Installations.
• Foot count Installations.
• Public Address installations.
• Temporary kiosk installations
• Support for the installation of IT, POS and networking installations.