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Adventure Works

Interact, Involve and Impart- the three I’s incorporated into Adventure Works’ Social Responsibility projects.

Here at Adventure Works we identify an organisation or school in need where we plan the projects or activities that can be done at that establishment. From playing soccer with the locals to painting walls, book covering or planting trees- whatever your budget or desire, we can make it happen!

There is a growing need and concern for large corporate companies and incentive groups to have a social responsibility element to their business. Adventure Works provides that platform to create projects that establish both the client’s requirements and the chosen establishment’s needs. We will visit the site numerous times beforehand and ensure that when the clients arrive they know that they are “key” to providing that lasting impression!

One of the most important factors is not to give your time and resources (although that does play a big role), what matters at the end of the day is being able to interact with the locals, learn more about how their community works and to leave with a sense of joy and accomplishment. Knowledge exchange programmes are a great way for everybody to give and gain, whether it’s teaching a life skill or learning a craft, there is something for everyone!

Adventure Works together with Sisanda FunDaytion have also established a great way to give back to the community. Clients can sponsor a FUN day out for a local school child, who doesn’t usually get these opportunities. Here, clients can take the group of school kids on an Amazing Race adventure through the Waterfront, providing them with a memorable and life changing experience.

We realize that every single social responsibility is important and no project or budget is too small or too big. If you can brighten up somebody’s day or put a smile on a young child’s face then we know we have succeeded.

Our main focus is to be M.A.D- Making a difference. Whether you are building teams or building houses for our Corporate Social Responsibility projects … it can be done through adventure, creativity, fun or just being M.A.D!